What age is orthodontic treatment?

This is an issue most Orthodontists are familiar with. What is certain is that the answer to this question will be different and will directly relate to the type of anomaly or malocclusion. My goal will never be to enter this topic, and it does not cover this patience, and almost all colleagues are familiar with it, since in the reference books and numerous articles about it, enough is discussed. What made me choose this title is the treatment of a disease that is about 12 years old, and the class III relationship is evident in both the patient’s occlusion and the profile of the profile. In the treatment of grade three, when orbitate is present in varying degrees, it is almost benign and responds to orthodontic treatment, and it requires treatment at the right time. In this patient, given the Nazolive angle, it is obvious that the Maxilla should be pushed forward. But the age of 12 years is not a good time, because gold is eight years old. But do not forget that patients differ in terms of developmental and biological properties, so they should not take this chance. In this patient with Tang Guard and Embryo. z-spring has come to a satisfactory conclusion in the short time. This is also the miracle of the orthodontic movable plaques that, with a simple design, we could turn the beauty and occlusion back to the patient. Therefore, considering the specific characteristics of each patient and the growth potential, it is not possible to determine precisely the appropriate age for treatment, but never forget that lack of proper response to a patient’s course of treatment will not be overlooked in the treatment of other patients.

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